Hey ya’ll!

I just wanted to write a little bit about something I realized a couple of days ago.

The day before I had my usual oats for brekkie, and some strawberries. That day, though, I decided to mainly eat fruit for the first few hours I was up (with a few little tidbits of other food here and there) and I realized I was feeling.. I don’t know how to put it.. but kinda antsy. By the time I got to school I was craving food left, right, and center.

Now, I know I binge quite a bit, but I also knew I had eaten really well the day before, had gotten enough calories, and should have been fine today.. nope. So of course, I ended up eating chocolate croissants, scones, brownies, pecan bars, and a burger. It wasn’t all in vain, though. I realized that day what the problem had been: fruit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fruit, but it must have made my blood sugar go WAY up, which clearly really affected my body.

From now on I’m only going to be eating sugar later in the day, or along with A LOT of protein & fiber & carbs.

My question for ya’ll is, How does your body handle fruit on an empty stomach? Is there another food that just completly sets you off balance?




Hey everyone!

So I was laying in bed last night, unable to sleep because there was one thing on my mind: Oats.

So, I have a question for ya’ll:

Considering I don’t have that much oat bran left, would it work out if i mixed half oat bran and half oatmeal, considering the ones I have take the same amount of time to cook?

I’d just try it out but personally, I don’t like wasting oats, ha.

Let me know!

xox Vera

Hey ya’ll and happy womens day! ❤

I hope all your days were fantastic! Mine was spent with my mom (and at school, unfortunately, ha!)

My marvellous morning started up with some delicious, pumpkin-y, oat bran:

l.o.v.e. - what I look forward to each and every morning! 😀

In the mix: oat bran, amazing meal, stevia sweet, pure pumpkin, cinnamon, almond milk, and these two bad boys:

2 types of pb? yes please!

When I bought the organic PB I didn’t check the label, so it wasn’t until I got home that I realized it was salt free… yuck. It just doesn’t taste like the over-processed Jif pb that I love!

My delicious brekkie was soon followed by these ladies:


I don’t know why, but I generally tend to eat fruits/veggies that aren’t in season.. is that weird?

Anywho, an hour later I went to school for my policing class. We learned about crime prevention programs and a while lot of other things I don’t want to bore you gals/gents with!

I had a snack during class:

Pita! It's a Serbian thang.

I arrived at home to an amazing dinner with my dear momma:

deep fried chicken & taters, jumbo shrimp, and some salad

gah, I love my mommy… as childish as that makes me sound, LOL. I don’t need international womens day to appreciate her.

Some more pics:

yum yum.

Since that wasn’t enough for us, I quickly went to the store and picked up my mom a piece of Tuxedo cake (have ya’ll ever tried it? YUM!), and myself a far too decadant brownie:

I had to put it in the freezer for a bit 'cause the lucious top was melting!

Totally worth the 400+ calories. Yep.

The rest of my day was spent… ugh.. doing nothing in particular. Well, except for eating some more and watching some tv. and I guess reading some non-school books.

I had another piece of chicken later on, and finished off the left over fries. I ate a good 3 potatoes! 😐 Blah. I’m glad I’m not binging as much anymore? Oh well.

QUESTION: Did you celebrate womens day?






Hi everyone!

Today I’ll be posting a little review on the product to the left:

Ignore the sauce

The only other faux meat i’ve tried are ones from Yves Veggie Cuisine which I did not like.

Anywho, In the above package you get 4 chik’n pieces. Surprisingly, they look ALOT like “real” meat. The texture is great as well. Personally, I used them in a veggie + fuissli mix:

Start off with some olive oil

Add veggies

My Wok makes my portion look so small, aahha! It’s one large bell peper, and 2 stalks of celery.. who would have guessed?

Add chik'n, w.w. pasta, seasoning, and pasta sauce

excess sodium

See the chik'n?

Overall, this faux meat is better than the Yves one.. but… fake meat just isn’t my thing.. it all tastes far too different to me!
QUESTION: Do you guys recommend and fake meat that doesn’t taste so.. fake?
Have a wonderful week,
xox Vera

Hi ya’ll!

I have so much to catch up with you all on, but I wont be going into detail regarding one of the things, you’ll see why. Later on you’ll also see why this post is also titled milk! 😀

Lets start off with the bad news, and one of the reasons I’ve been gone for a while. First off, you all know that I had some exams this week (following the Olympic break)… I’m going to assume I did decent on them, but it was hard to concentrate because… I don’t even know how to put it. A young man I went to elementary and high school with, passed away this past week in a car crash. I knew a number of the people who were also in the car (one who was the driver and is not facing charges, and another who is in a coma… ). So. Yeah. I don’t know what else I can say about that.. but there are some things I need to cover. Please, PLEASE do not drive impaired. You’re not only risking your life, but everyone else who’s in the car with you, as well as on the road around you. Likewise, don’t get into the car if the person who’s driving you has had alcohol/ drugs!! We never seem to think horrible things will happen to us, but guess what, it does. And you’ll either wind up dead, or have to live with what you’ve done for the rest of your life. At my age I didn’t think i’dbe getting an invite to a FUNERAL. Especially not for someone who was in my graduating class back in high school. Especially high school kids, ya’ll seem to be the most in denial about sh*t happening. In risk of sounding like a complete nag, DRINKING AND DRIVING ISNT COOL. NOR IS SPEEDING. STOP TRYING TO SHOW OFF TO YOUR FRIENDS. IT JUST MAKES YOU MORE OF AN IDIOT.

GAH. Okay. Sorry. I just don’t want anyones life to be taken away for such a gosh damn stupid, and preventable reason.

I hope you can all understand why i’ve been gone.. but I just couldn’t keep my focus so blogging wasn’t the first thing on my mind.

I didn’t take many pictures, so i’ll have to save those for tomorrow.

Yesterday, though, I did end up going to a fishing/boating/hunting show! WOO! 😀 Like my “about me” page says, i’m a criminal justice major, so at the show I was drawn to the gun courses 😀 i’ll get my license soon and i’ll keep ya’ll informed on that. I want to make it clear that I’m getting my GUN license and training, NOT MY HUNTING LICENSE. I don’t think I could shoot animals.. it’s just not my thing. Sometimes I’m surprised I even eat meat considering how sensitive I am towards animals 😐

While I was there, I picket up beef jerky (reg/hot/terriaki), salmon jerky, candied picans, smoked salmon and delicious pickled beets! 😀 yum x430934 😀 I love how pink the beet water is.. random, I know 😛 Do you all like pickled beets/carrots/cukes/beans?


Onto the milk part of this post. This week, I bought my very first container of almond milk! 😀 I’ve kind been turned off by the whole idea of non-dairy milk ever since I bought soy milk a while back and no one warned me it would be.. grey.. 😐 plus, it just tasted weird to me.

Anywho, here are some comaprisons:

if you click on the picture it'll get bigger so you can read it 🙂

I’ve been adding the almond milk to my oats.. and ohhhh my.. does it ever make the best difference! SO SOOO much better than with water! I really suggest you try it if you havent already 😀 And if you happen to count calories, just look @ the stats compaired to regular milk (while youre at it, look at all the other ways it’s better!)


I’ll be back tomorrow with a regualr post, that you all for being understanding! xoxox Vera


hey ya’ll!

so sorry for the last of posts! with the olympics comming to a rap & school back i’ve been really busy.

I have more sh*t to do than i can handle until wednesday, so i only have a couple of moments to post this. I’ll be back ina couple days!

xox Vera

open happiness

Hi everyone!

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts lately.. but if your area was hosting the Olympics, you may not have much time, either.

I’ve been going to downtown Vancouver the past 3 days. This means, I’ve been enjoying all the amazing Olympic venues, crowds, and sights, but for that reason I have also been eating fast food for the past few days straight.

yesterday looked something like this (I’m warning you- it’s A LOT of junk food!):

1/2 c oat bran, stevia, amazing meal, banana, + 2tbsp dark choc pb

My hunny and I went to the Holland Heineken House at around 11am (LOL.. I thought it was a little early to go to a house with beer in the name too) and had this:

One of the best.mayos. EVER. EVER.

The burger was.. eh.. nothing special. But seriously. the mayo they had made everything AMAZING. Even when I was back in Europe I thought that mayo was so so SO much better than the stuff here.

Afterwards, we walked, shopped, walked, shopped, and walked around some more. I also cuddled with an Olympic mascot:


Steak @ the Keg. Hunny had Ribs

I have better pics of the SERIOUSLY fat steak but… I won’t put them up because anyone who doesn’t eat meat would be completely repulsed bu then, ha!

We snacked x590849.. I’m almost embarrassed to show you all the pictures haha.

pocky ❤

Strawberry cheesecake

Chocolate croissant

teeny tiny eggs!

pecan bar. This was mostly my bf's

d.e.l.i.s.h. beaver tails. x2. 😀

We also ended up going to the coca cola hour to get these awesome light up coke bottles. We had tried before, but the lines were like 3 hours long! For a fricken light up bottle!

We got ’em though! 😀

I guess thats Coke's new saying?

When I got home I had myself a double pb & j sandwich (i.e – both regular Jiffy pb, AND dark chocolate dreams!). Heck.. I’ve been super unhealthy lately, this sandwich didn’t make much of a difference haha.

White bread 😦 I know I know.

I recently finished eating a piece of tuxedo cake, and a sandwich with salami and mayo (on white bread, again). Ah, it has been a binge-tastic week my blogging friends!

QUESTION: When you eat unhealthy for a while, do you notice any changes with your emotions? I sure do. I’m a lot more sensitive when I eat unhealthy… funny, I know this and yet I seem to do nothing about it.

Promise to get back to regular posting soon!

xox Vera