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Hi everyone!

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts lately.. but if your area was hosting the Olympics, you may not have much time, either.

I’ve been going to downtown Vancouver the past 3 days. This means, I’ve been enjoying all the amazing Olympic venues, crowds, and sights, but for that reason I have also been eating fast food for the past few days straight.

yesterday looked something like this (I’m warning you- it’s A LOT of junk food!):

1/2 c oat bran, stevia, amazing meal, banana, + 2tbsp dark choc pb

My hunny and I went to the Holland Heineken House at around 11am (LOL.. I thought it was a little early to go to a house with beer in the name too) and had this:

One of the best.mayos. EVER. EVER.

The burger was.. eh.. nothing special. But seriously. the mayo they had made everything AMAZING. Even when I was back in Europe I thought that mayo was so so SO much better than the stuff here.

Afterwards, we walked, shopped, walked, shopped, and walked around some more. I also cuddled with an Olympic mascot:


Steak @ the Keg. Hunny had Ribs

I have better pics of the SERIOUSLY fat steak but… I won’t put them up because anyone who doesn’t eat meat would be completely repulsed bu then, ha!

We snacked x590849.. I’m almost embarrassed to show you all the pictures haha.

pocky ❤

Strawberry cheesecake

Chocolate croissant

teeny tiny eggs!

pecan bar. This was mostly my bf's

d.e.l.i.s.h. beaver tails. x2. 😀

We also ended up going to the coca cola hour to get these awesome light up coke bottles. We had tried before, but the lines were like 3 hours long! For a fricken light up bottle!

We got ’em though! 😀

I guess thats Coke's new saying?

When I got home I had myself a double pb & j sandwich (i.e – both regular Jiffy pb, AND dark chocolate dreams!). Heck.. I’ve been super unhealthy lately, this sandwich didn’t make much of a difference haha.

White bread 😦 I know I know.

I recently finished eating a piece of tuxedo cake, and a sandwich with salami and mayo (on white bread, again). Ah, it has been a binge-tastic week my blogging friends!

QUESTION: When you eat unhealthy for a while, do you notice any changes with your emotions? I sure do. I’m a lot more sensitive when I eat unhealthy… funny, I know this and yet I seem to do nothing about it.

Promise to get back to regular posting soon!

xox Vera


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Wkend Recap

Weekend Recap

Hey ya’ll!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Besides the fact that I’m COMPLETLY EXHAUSTED, mine was good!

I started Saturday off with 7/8 hours of sleep – a little low for me, but oh well. The night before I had gotten the bright idea to go to TWO yoga classes in the morning (one right after the other) so, that’s what I did.

From 10:15AM to 1:30pm I was at yoga. Ladies… if you’re in any sort of decent shape, i suggest you do this. If you’re in bad shape like I am.. you may not enjoy it, ha.

I had kiwi’s in the morning, and in between classes I had a large apple and some cashews (not pictured- sorry!). My hunny came to one of the classes to support me – sweet right?! 😀

At 1:35 I was 5 minutes late for work – AKA, I arrived freaking out and hoping my boss wasn’t there, haha. The past couple days I had some MAJOR problems at work.. and lets just say.. being two-faced doesn’t have an age limit. For my break at work, I had a couple tacos from taco del mar, and an oat fudge bar from Starbuck’s (emotional eater, much?)

ON TO MORE POSITIVE THINGS…. I only had work for 4 hours, and afterwards, I rushed home to get ready for a concert I had that night. The world’s #1 DJ came to Vancouver’s largest club last night – and my hunny and I went.

4 drinks = almost $50!!!! It makes me glad I rarely drink. It’s also the reason I spent most of the night drinking the drink of champions:

I'm fine with eating a sh*tload of fat-laden foods..but using my calories on drinks? NO THANK YOU!

Before the concert, I got some pizza – afterwards (4am ish) I got a breakfast bagel (eggs, butter, bacon, cheese on a white bagel) ,and two chocolate chunk cookies from tim hortons… ah, I’m sure my body loves me. So much that I had a beautiful tummy ache afterwards. (I hope my sarcasm still comes off online!)

By the time I was at home and ready for bed, it was 5am. I feel the need to tell you all this, considering I woke up at 11 am. One would assume that sleeping till 11 would be sleeping in..but that’s certainly not true when you go to bed at 5. My heels made my feet feel as though they were bleeding last night, and my head was pounding this morning. Ahh, clubbing is painful my friends.

Lol @ guy in the middle. How often do you see clubs THIS full?

As for today, I ate a couple more of these:

Kiwi x2

 Followed by some cottage cheese and a few salted pistachios:

2% = favourite

The cheese had enough protien so I didn't have to overload on these!

After a couple of hours of reading some books from the library, I went to meet up with my dad for some sushi. Unfortunately, it was closed 😦 So, we went to another sushi place.. that was closed as well. Finally, we settled on White Spot, where I had enough food for two:

Starter calamari for me, mediteranian chicken salad for pops

Mini brownie + cheesecake.. all mine!

 I ended up returning the fudge brownie because it was hard as a rock on the bottom. I compensated for this by getting a hot fudge sundae with extra hot fudge from Dairy Queen. Yup.

Whilst watching the Canada VS USA hockey game, I cuddled with this gorgeous lady:

My little Daisy! Disregard my tired face.

Gaaah, I love her! So, so so much. She’s getting pretty old though 😦 Ahh, I’m not one for pets. I get faaar too attached to everything!

Right now I’m reading again, and waiting for my hunny to finish having dinner with his parents + aunt & uncle and possibly bring me home some Taco Del Mar… do I really need MORE of this cr*p? Seriously.. I love my fast food but I’m sure you’ve all noticed i like it a bit too much.

I realized something this weekend that may not make any sense to anyone else, and many of you might just disagree with me.

I’ve come to terms with my binging, and realized that I can’t force myself to just STOP. I can’t. It’s just not the time for me. So, there’s no point in bringing myself down and making myself feel worse. But at this point in time, eating carrots when all I really want are some tacos or McDonald’s just wont cut it.

I can see, though, that I’m getting closer to the point of having enough. Eventually I know I’ll get past this, but I really do need to just take it one day at a time at this point. If I slip up, well, that’s fine. I refuse to keep putting myself down.

QUESTIONS: How was your weekend? What positive, great things do you have to look forward to this week?

Until later,

xox Vera

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2 days, 9558 problems.

Hey ya’ll!

The title of this post is in reference to the past two days – full of problems (at least when it comes to work).

At the end of it all, I was in tears and skrewed over….oh and this too:


 But that’s life right? My days were also full of tacos, candies, and many an oat fudge bar (starbucks).

The more I have, the more I crave and the worse I feel. It’s a horrible cycle.

On the bright side, I have two yoga classes tomorrow, one of which my hunny has agreed to come with me to. 😀

Afterwards, I have work >:| Oy. Not where I want to be at all.

FINALLY, after that, I’m going to see Armin Van Buuren at a local club (it’s a techo/trace scene). Haay party time! Too bad I’m all bloated, hahaha.

I’ll post a few of my eats at the bottom of this post.

What I’d like to write about is the current rut I’ve been in that I’ve mentioned to ya’ll. I think after tomorrow it’ll pass, considering I have a feeling work was the main problem (you can only be around cakes and cookies for so long before buying them all and devouring them! :P)

Any plans for the weekend?

Do you usually eat healthy over the weekend, or do you let things slide (more-so than during the week?)



xox Vera


Grilled mushrooms ya'll! 😀

3/4c Kashi, 1/3c Special K, 2 tbsp Dark Chocolate Dreams

Beans beans the magical fruit

As if the beans weren't enough.. break + meat + gummies + mayo

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My weakness? I think so


For the past couple days I’ve been in quite the negative cycles. At least when it comes to food.

I’ve been called into work everyday this week – I’m over worked, underpayed, and have been over eating. Tomorrow’s a new day though – one that I’ll be starting off with some morning yoga! There are so many things I have to be thankful for – there’s no point in analyzing what I should have done differently the past couple of days.

So, I present you with a couple of my better eats, and some, that just sum up the past couple of days:

My meal @ the casino.. BEFORE I lost $40 haha

So I present you all with a question: How do you get yourself out of a rut? Or, do you just wait for it to pass?



xox Vera

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Before I start this post, I want to give you a little more information on the guy I mentioned in this post. He was two years older than me, an honours student (i.e.. one of his LOWER grades was 92% in an honours calculus class), and an overall VERY intelligent guy. He DID mean what he said, and he DID know better than to say something like that to a young girl.  

Hey ya’ll!  

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! ❤ Mine, for the most part, was WONDERFUL! I’ve been trying to be more positive, and it has really been working. A lot of negative things occurred this weekend that made me realize I shouldn’t get mad at some people who have nothing better to do with their lives than try to bring me down.  

Anywho, Saturday started of.. early. AKA 5am. I had work from 6am to 10am, and by the time I actually forced myself out of bed I had to leave! So, I had a really quick breakfast:  

1/2c Kashi, 1 yogurt, and a banana

By the end of my shift I wasn’t even tired anymore. Mainly, because right after, I went to  my very first yoga class! (Vinyasa, to be specific) It was a beginners class, but I still had trouble. I paid for two weeks unlimited so.. you best believe I’m going back today, regardless of how difficult it was for me the first time. I felt so at peace with myself afterwards, which is the main reason I’m going back.  

Once I was back home from yoga, I had a quick late lunch:  

Pretty much.. a healthy cookie, lol.

I used some whole wheat flour, white flour, salba, half an egg, some milk, cocoa powder, and amazing meal. Eh.. it wasn’t that good to be honest. So, I had this right after:  

The usual muffin with dark choc pb


The rest of my day was spent lounging in bed, and going to bed at around 10pm. I had a dinner of deep fried chicken, salad, and fries (healthy, eh?) with my mom, but didn’t take a picture (I was so, so tired and sore!)  

Sunday morning I woke up and honestly.. I didn’t want to get out of bed (still sore). I had a quick brekkie:  

1 cup Kashi, 1/2 Cup milk

and then went into baking mode:  


I made strawberry heart muffins with rosehip jam centers for my hunny, ya’ll! 😀  

My boyfriend bought me a Oreo brownie earthquake and creme egg as the edible portion of his gift for me (for Vday).. both were gone in under 10 minutes.  

At around 2pm, my boy and I went tanning and out to eat, then came back home to get ready for dinner with his family (parents, brother, and 6 relatives visiting here from California whom i’ve never met before!). Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous. We went to a chinese place that night and had SO much food I can’t even remember.  


We went to downtown Vancouver afterwards (this was already around 10pm), to see the lights, and to get ice cream (i got chocolate brownie, he got orange licorice), then went back home and cuddled. This morning I awoke and ate half a box of chocolates and, as I was expecting, got a tummy ache.  

Now I’m off to lay down until yoga!  

QUESTION: Have you ever tired yoga? If so, which kind?  

Until tomorrow,  

xox Vera

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Hi lovelies!

I hope you all had an amazing friday!

I’ve been up since 5am soo.. i’ll make this post short and sweet so I can go nap 😀 Sorry if it’s a little rushed.. the main thing I’d like to talk about this post is the question I would like to ask ya’ll.

Yesterday morning I had this bitter fella:


and these two, which bonded together and made a yogurt mess 😀 :
Kashi ❤ + Vanilla yogurt

then afterwards, brocoli + mushrooms + celery + sauces & seasonings turned into this:


Udon noodles.. love love love!

 The flash made the noodles look so.. meh… but take my word for it, they were so, SO good! 😀

I was Asian in another life.. I’m sure of it.

While I ate that, i watched the opening ceremonies.. mainly to see this wonderful country:

Wanna take a wild guess where I'm from? 😛

Afterwards.. I snacked on my usual muffin + dark chocolate pb ❤ ❤ !

it's my thaang. You'll come across this mant, many times in my blog!

 Alrighty I promise tomorrow my post will me more detailed.. I’m just so tiredddd! 😦

Now, QUESTION TIME! NOTE: Before my question I’ll be telling you a little background on my reasoning, and I will be telling you my THEN weight, and THEN height (both of which have changed since). If you feel that may trigger you, please, don’t keep reading. Instead, let me know what plans you have for Valentines Day! 😀 (actually, this is a question for everyone! What are ya’ll doin’?)





Alrighty now that I’ve cleared that up.. to my story.

This happened when I was in the 10th grade (quite a few years ago..clearly it still bothers me eh?), I was walking home with my then-boyfriend, and we ended up talking about fitness (I can’t remeber the details.. just bare with me). He told me I didn’t need to go to the kick n’ box class I had been going to with a couple of girl friends then because I was “so tiny.. like.. 100-110 lbs or what?” (what he said… I should let you know that I was 5 foot 5 inches then). The rest of the convo went on approximatley as follows:



“Haha no! Not even close! Why would you think that?”

“So you’re under 100lbs then?”


“Then how much do you weigh”

“I don’t really talk to people about weight.. but it’s more than that..”

“oh come on… just tell me what’s the big deal? Tell me 😛 “

“haha I’m 122lbs”

“Wow, 122? I didn’t think you weighed THAT much” (yes.. he actually emphasized on the “THE”) Keep in mind that my height here was 5’5.

Who in there right mind would ever say that 122lbs on a 5’5 girl is “THAT” much? If anything, its on the lower portion of a healthy BMI.

Anyways, have you ever had an experience like this? What I mean is, have you ever had someone who was supportive of you, to go and say something so negative?

I know it’s not such a big deal but it really got to me.Thankfully the boy I’m with would never say sh*t like that.. makes me realize just how lucky I am.


Until tomorrow,


xox Vera

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Haay ya’ll! 

I’m so, SO glad it’s finally the weekend! I had quite the eventful evening last night, but first, lets start with breakfast: 

Simple oat bran w/ 1tsp Amaxing meal, and1.5tbsp dark chocolate dreams

I showered, got ready, did all the usual, and then decided to have a second breakfast for lunch, ahah: 


I had my Into to Policing class from 2-4pm, where I had this bar: 


I got home at 5pm, quickly ate some unpictured chicken and mashed potatoes, and went to downtown Vancouver to see the flame! 😀 

I’ll post a few pictures here: 

Not crowded at all..

London drugs welcoming the world!




One of the club areas in Vancouver



Inside the Irish House (a lot of thecountried got their own Pubs)



There are a bunch more, but I don’t want to bore all of you, haha!
In between those pictures, we went to a couple of restaurants – first, the best place for wings in Vancouver:

Disregard my face..this was at 9;30 I'm allowed to look like a mess after the whole day 😛

4lbs of wings, which I ate most of. 😉 Who says girls eat less than boys?

there are another 9585495 pictures from the restaurant, but I won’t bore you. We went for desert afterwards at Cafe Crepe (can you guess what we ate? 😛 )
I took the picture half way through, so it looks like such a mess:

The boys all got regular ones.. I got a coconut & nutella w/ chocolate ice cream and whip cream. Again, I out-ate all of them

The boys wanted to go to the Olympic store to get jerseys/ mascots / Canada gloves, So I went to the Bay and spent $51 bucks on foundation :\

It's made in France.. so.. it's worth it, haha?

I got home around 2am, took off my face (not literally LOL) and hopped into bed.
Stay tuned for my question tomorrow, because I would really like to know a lot of your answers. It’s something that’s been bugging me for a few years now, and  I’d like to know everyone’s opinion.
As for today’s question: What’s the most you’ve ever spent on make-up? (if you wear it.. if you don’t, I applaud you for not having to waste your money!) I’ve probably spent around a thousand dollars + on makeup in my life time… 😐 ah.. I can’t help myself, okay!? 😦
Have a great day everyone!
Xox Vera


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